Welcome to “Ygrotopio - Wetlands of Cyprus”, the Terra Cypria portal for the dissemination of environmental information on Cyprus wetlands. The name Ygrotopio derives from a combination of the Greek words for water and place.

“Ygrotopio - Wetlands of Cyprus” is part of the «Inventory of the Cyprus Wetlands» undertaken by Terra Cypria the Cyprus Conservation Foundation, following the WWF Greece’s «Conservation of the Island Wetlands of Greece».

The “Ygrotopio - Wetlands of Cyprus” portal allows access to detailed information derived from the project’s activities. Through our dynamic database, you can find information about 373 natural and artificial wetlands all over Cyprus that comprise a minimum area of 1000 square metres. You can also access statistical and geographical data, maps, and images illustrating the main characteristics of each wetland.

Terra Cypria’s objective is to concentrate all available information in one database, while also encouraging greater awareness of the island’s wetlands. The project’s overarching goal is to contribute in the effective protection, management and conservation of these fragile and highly threatened ecosystems.

The “Ygrotopio - Wetlands of Cyprus” portal will be regularly updated with new information and data. We hope that it will serve as a useful tool to anyone involved in education, research or the conservation and management of our island’s natural environment.


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